Admission request form

Parents / Guardians concerned shall be informed when a child is selected for admission. However, the offer shall be treated as confirmed only if :

  • The fees and security deposit have been paid within the stipulated time.

  • Submission of a Transfer Certificate from the school before joining Vidya Niketan junior college-Kamareddy. This should bear the Recognition Number of your son’s/ ward school. Please note that if your son / ward is coming from a school outside Andhra Pradesh, his certificate must be endorsed by the local education authority.

  • Since no change can be made in the age once it is entered in the General Register, a certified copy of the Birth Certificate is also to be submitted in each case.The date of birth once entered in the General Register will NOT be altered under any circumstances. On withdrawal, a Transfer Certificate will be issued if due notice has been given and all fees have been paid according to the school rules.

  • A Medical Certificate from a qualified doctor showing the record of vaccination / immunization etc., as well as mention of any particular ailment or health problem about which the academy should know.